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A New Concept for Cosmetics Sales: The Emergence of the Cosmetic Vending Machines (Ⅰ)

Over the past few years, the cosmetic vending machine has been emerging. This kind of vending machine appears mostly in airports, subway stations, and large stores in CBD, etc., covering cosmetics, perfume, facial masks, care products, travel sets, and many other products.

How can we expand the consumer market and occupy it, reduce costs, and develop new sales channels at the same time? This has always been the problem that cosmetic manufacturers are considering. Nowadays, when the Internet channel has become the place where competition is fierce, playing new concepts has become a new way for cosmetics giants.

Recently, a new kind of cosmetic vending machine touch has been quietly emerging, which can be found in shopping malls, subway stations, and airports. It is reported that L'Oreal, Anmyna, Chanel, Benefit, and other brands have introduced their own cosmetics vending machines to seize the market of this new distribution channel.

The first cosmetic vending machine can be traced back to 2009 when Sephora tried to install cosmetic vending machine touch in large stores and supermarkets on a small scale. The credit card was used to pay for products produced by Sephora such as cosmetics, perfumes, and so on. This innovative experiment of Sephora has caused quite a stir in the cosmetics industry. From then on, the cosmetic industry has been struggling in finding out how to operate this mode better.

Chanel, which is famous for its marketing charisma, after its introduction to cosmetics pop-up shops during the London Olympics. It's luxury Chanel advanced vending machines also appeared in department store Selfridge in London. Chanel, focusing on specific consumers, sold the latest mascara scream in its vending machines, and they could be purchased by coins with the LOGO of Chanel on it. Chanel has implanted its culture into Chanel tokens, thus making them valuable not only for shopping but also for collecting.