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A New Concept for Cosmetics Sales: The Emergence of the Cosmetic Vending Machines (Ⅱ)

Benefit chose to install cosmetics vending machines at international airports, setting up cosmetics vending machines in 25 major airports all around the world, such as JKF, Austin, and LasVegas. Benefit's cosmetic vending machine touch looks like a lovely pink retro truck, attracting tourists to buy cosmetics, mainly displaying the top 30 products of the brand.

On the other hand, Anmyna, which focuses on the consumption experience of consumers, found that nearly one-third of female white-collar workers need to fix their make-up on their way to work. Most female white-collar workers are not willing to go to shops to buy care products after work. In order to make it more convenient for female consumers to enjoy products of Anmyna, it decided to introduce cosmetic vending machine touch which sells products of Anmyna, mainly aiming at urban female white-collar workers. Anmyna's vending machines mainly sells Anmyna's series of cosmetics and classic skincare series.

The idea that how to let consumers accept the culture of a brand and then love the products of the brand unconsciously is the core concept of brand marketing in the new era. Chanel, Anmyna, and other famous brands have introduced the cosmetics vending machine. It is to let female consumers enjoy cosmetics and skincare more casually by making use of the advantages of convenience and automation of vending machines. This new consumption concept, which leads the trend, plays a significant role in cultivating consumers' new consumption habits and guiding consumers to understand the brand culture and new products of the brand.

I believe many people have seen lucky box vending machines or adult vending machines. While cosmetics vending machines are rarely seen in China. However, AFEN has the belief that every opportunity should be grasped by itself, and enterprises should always struggle to be the No.1 in the industry.