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AFEN Reminds You of The Precautions About Automatic Vending Machines Operation

Now the market of automatic vending machines is gradually expanded, the steady development of the economy makes automatic vending machines increasingly become a symbol of human civilization. In foreign countries, people have already used to automatic vending machines in their daily life, just like a roadside store. However, in mainland China, people are unfamiliar with automatic vending machines, so there is still a large space for the development of vending machines. So what are the precautions for operating the automatic vending machine?


1. Daily management and maintenance

Including replenishment of goods and coins, taking back cash, an inspection of all parts of the machine, regular cleaning of foreign matters, etc.

2. View data and adjust business strategy

AFEN QR code vending machine can intelligently manage the system, record the sales of the machine all day long and provide accurate sales data to operators, including sales quantity of products, trend analysis, and so on. Operators need to adjust their business strategies according to the data.

3. Market Research

It includes the consumption habits of people in the local market, what kind of goods and types of automatic vending machines are needed in the market, and which kind of places are in great demand for automatic vending machines. Market research is long-term research because the market is always changing.