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Automatic Vending Machine Principle Makes Shopping Accessible

The emergence of Internet e-commerce has changed people's lives, so that people can buy goods from all over the world. However, no matter how powerful the online e-commerce is, instant retail focusing on people's "one kilometer" is still a high point that e-commerce cannot reach.

Rush to work in the morning, should we buy breakfast at the nearest breakfast shop or order it online? It's cool to chase drama at home, and suddenly want to eat snacks. Do you go downstairs and go to a convenience store to buy it, or do you choose to spend the starting price for a pack of potato chips, pay for errands, and wait for 40 minutes for takeaway?

In the end, offline retail's instant shopping "get it when you want it" is not covered by e-commerce. This year, with the outbreak of the domestic epidemic, automatic vending machines have become one of the ways for people to supplement daily necessities by focusing on people's lives within reach.

In particular, the concept of "contactless" shopping has gradually embodied the innate advantages of vending machines in convenience. Many brands said that during the epidemic period, automatic vending machines ushered in a new growth, and many commodities will be sold out immediately even if they are replenished every day.

The automatic vending machine is a cabinet with an area of only one square meter. It can not only sell water and drinks, casual snacks, but also fresh fruits and fast bread. It can not only be placed in the community, but also in the office buildings, hospitals, transportation hubs... People can build vending machines wherever they can reach, with unlimited imagination.

Automatic vending machine, as a new type of online and offline enabled retail business, not only has the immediacy of offline retail, but also has the convenience of online payment. Users can open the cabinet door through the small program, app and scan code. After selecting the goods in the cabinet and closing the door is the end of shopping. The system will automatically deduct money, and there is no need to wait for the whole process.

AFEN automatic vending machine has also explored a set of perfect operation system in the operation. The iteration of equipment and software upgrade have improved the efficiency of the supply chain, improved the refined operation, applied big data and other technologies, continuously deepened the user's demand, accurately matched the consumption behavior, as well as strengthened the experience.

The emergence of new business models is bound to follow the needs of users for new business forms. The new outlet of automatic vending machines will go deeper into our lives in the future and give us more surprises.