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Automatic Vending Machines Serve as The Primary Means of Advertising Media

Automatic vending machines can be used as advertising media to increase revenue and reduce costs. The main methods are as follows:

1. Video advertising 

It is the most vivid form of advertising and a customized broadcast scheme. It can provide you the best advertising solution. At the same time, interactive video advertising can be played to improve user participation and achieve a more in-depth marketing effect.

2. Static picture advertisement

This can be the best partner in video advertising. The exquisite publicity pictures are the best supplement to the video.

3. Advertisement on the automatic vending machines

It is the most intuitive form of advertising. Both sides of the automatic vending machine body, the eye-catching paste of goods display positions, and the pick-up port for products all provide the most intuitive form of display.

4. Advertisement at the rack

This could be the most targeted form of advertising. The advertising is triggered by pressing the button of the rack, then the screen displays the product details. Consumer's independent choice determines that the advertisement at the rack is the one with the highest conversion efficiency.

Nowadays, automatic vending machines seem to be ignored in daily life because they are everywhere. Objectively speaking, it is a kind of early non-store sales mode. It seems that automatic vending machines can be integrated with the roadside telephone booths as a whole, which had helped many products to open up the market, and even some special products rely on this special sales mode to enter people's life. Therefore, no matter before, now or in the future, automatic vending machines are a kind of non-store sales mode that cannot be ignored.

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