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Can Vending Machines for Stationery Be Put in Schools?

1. Comparison of vending machine for stationery and drink snack vending machine

The automatic vending machine has developed in full swing in recent years. From the beginning of drink sales, they gradually spread to other categories, such as snacks, fresh food, fruits, vegetables, various daily necessities, gifts and so on. The places usually put in are commercial streets, airports, schools and other crowded places. Many friends with investment vision have expanded their resources around them and started their bywork with the help of the automatic vending machine. Schools are often a priority for everyone, and indeed there are many successful cases.

However, recently there are more and more news that is not conducive to the operators, such as "the school asked me to remove the automatic vending machine". What are the reasons? The vending machine for stationery is a better fit for schools than the drink snack vending machine, so would stationery vending machines be better suited to be placed in schools?

2. Is it possible to put the vending machine for stationery in schools?

It is understood that some people do not operate the automatic vending machine in accordance with the rules on campus, leading to the sale of messy things and affecting the normal life of campus students. Such vending machines will inevitably be returned. There are also some college students operating vending machines. These students' business ideas are too heavy, leading to neglect of learning, and of course the school will not support it. Seeing some news about schools returning vending machines on the Internet does not mean that it is not feasible to put vending machines on campus. Many famous brand manufacturers and operators cooperate with major universities, and their vending machines are very popular among students.

There is still a market for daily necessities close to students, such as stationery. You should know that there are young students on campus who are very happy to experience novel shopping methods; in addition, the customer base is large enough, and they are all useful supplies for students, and the school will definitely support them; moreover, you can pass high-end stationery, Or packaged as a gift, the profit will naturally rise exponentially. The current stationery vending machine can also be used in conjunction with the campus card, even elementary school students can easily buy their favorite stationery. The vending machine for stationery is so close to the immediate needs of students' lives that it is extremely feasible to put it in schools.