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Cell Accessories Vending Machine

Accessories Vending Machine

Mobile phones have become an indispensable carry-on item for modern people. From "phubbers" to "mobile phone syndrome", people are becoming more and more dependent on mobile phones. The mobile phone has been regarded as a portable PC or TV. People have been used to enjoy the convenience of the mobile phone while traveling and resting etc.

One prominent accessories company in China, which produces all smart mobile phone cable accessories. Mr. Chen, the marketing manager says: “Considering China is a densely populated country, mobile phones are used so frequently that it can easily run out of power. And we can recharge batteries in restaurants, shopping malls, etc, but they often forget to bring their charger and cable. so they cooperated with AFEN, and purchased AFEN Spare accessories Vending Machines, and put the Machines outside of China Unicom, China Mobile, and China telecom's shops. From then on, the sale of accessories has been opened. Though the rent of these locations is a bit expensive, the return is very obvious."  Mr. Chen says, “AFEN Spare Accessories Vending Machine performance is very good", And they will continue to expand the market in the short future.

AFEN Spare Accessories brand new vending machine with a new style, more powerful, strong energy-saving system, more convenient for daily life. And the applicable commodities are cell phone accessories including cases, chargers, cables, screen protectors, memory cards, adapters, and more.

Applications of AFEN Spare Accessories Vending Machines are the community, schools, shopping malls, hospitals, railway stations, airports, metro, parks, Gym, etc.


Technology changes our life, choose AFEN self service vending machine, enjoy intelligent life.