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Disadvantages of the Smart Fresh Vending Machine and Pay Attention to the Following Three Points when Shopping (Ⅱ)

At present, there are many smart fresh vending machines in the Chinese market. Some of them are expensive while others are cheap, so the price varies. The most important thing in the operation process is the stability of the machines. Choosing good machines is the first problem faced by investors. It is not wise to choose a cheap vending machine, and it is best to choose the product suitable for you according to your economic strength, its service time and the business environment, etc.

It is very vital to choose a brilliant stock point for fresh food vending machine. You should carefully investigate it and pay attention to the following points:

1. The price should be cheap (quality should be guaranteed). Don't underestimate one cent or two, even if it's a little cheaper, it will be a great fortune over time;

2. It should have a good assortment of goods. It's better to get all the goods from one supplier. It is a waste of time and energy to purchase goods from multiple suppliers.

3. The supplier should be close to your vending machine. If the journey is too long, it will not only waste your time but also increase your freight, and the fresh food is not that fresh. A good supplier can save a lot of manpower, material, and money. When you choose a supplier, you can not be lazy. You should compare the goods and choose the best fresh food vending machine in your opinion.

All in all, it's a good choice to choose the intelligent vending machine of fresh food. If you have concerns or are not clear about it, you can consult our customer service at any time. Even if you don't choose AFEN, it's OK to share our experience!