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Face Mask Vending Machine

Since the outbreak of pneumonia caused by a novel coronavirus, the shortage of medical supplies has been severed in the world. Surgical masks are also very important medical supplies and disposable consumables.

Face Mask Vending Machine N95 face masks Surgical masks Vending Machine

A global leader in the field of health protection enterprise said, "till now the demand for medical masks are the hospitals at all levels and the centers for disease control and prevention, and different departments, institutions, and enterprises. Meanwhile, there are a lot of people can't buy a mask, so their company buys AFEN custom vending machines and place to public places like the supermarket, railway station, public parks, police station, hospitals, and more, let everybody can purchase masks through AFEN Mask Vending Machines directly, is greatly avoid contact problems, and provide more convenient and efficient service accordingly.

As a professional vending machine factory, AFEN face mask Vending Machine is 24hrs fully automated. AFEN mask Vending Machine offers a relatively safe and easier way to maintain basic personal hygiene and protect yourself against contacting any viral infection.  

Get a mask from AFEN mask Vending Machine in a minute! Contact-less purchase!