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How Do I Start A Vending Machine Business

1. The administration department shall be responsible for the operation and management of automatic vending machines to ensure normal operation. The goods supplied shall be sold at the retail price of the market, instead of higher than it;


2. Strictly control the purchase of goods, put an end to fake and shoddy goods, and prohibit the sale of "three Nos" food (no production date, no quality certificate, and no name of the manufacturer) and expired and deteriorated food in the fresh food vending, so as to ensure the health of consumers;


3. Establish a perfect electronic purchase and sales ledger system for automatic vending machines to record the name, specification, quantity, batch number (production date), expiration date, name of the supplier (purchaser) and contact information, purchase (sale) date, etc;


4. Mutual supervision is needed. The lock for opening and closing the money-locker of automatic vending machines should be managed and checked monthly by special personnel assigned by the administrative departments and accounting departments, so to ensure the consistency of purchase, sales, and inventory, and eliminate loopholes;


5. Be fair and honest. The products must be jointly purchased and the price shall be negotiated by the administrative department and the financial department, and the supplier of the goods sold by the automatic vending machines shall be determined by both sides;


6. The revenue receipts of automatic vending machines should be checked once a week, and the administration department will register the business account and hand it to the financial department for collection.


Currently, most of the small-scale automatic vending machines do not need the approval process. The operator of automatic vending machines only needs to negotiate with the operator of the occupied areas (streets, schools, hospitals, etc.) for profit distribution. As long as the latter agrees, the automatic vending machines can be put into operation. If it is a large-scale operation of pay by phone vending machine, it should be registered at the local industry and commerce department, but rare operators do this through consultation. If it is put into operation in their own place, the above procedures are not required, and internal negotiation is enough to do it.