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How Much Can the Unmanned Beverage Vending Machine Earn in a Month? What are the Advantages Over Physical Stores?

With the development of science and technology, many new things appear in front of us, and many intelligent terminal devices make us very satisfied. For example, unmanned beverage vending machines have become more and more widely used in daily life, and are deeply loved by consumers in the market. So, how much beverage unmanned vending machines can earn in a month, and what are their advantages over physical stores? Next, AFEN will tell you in detail with questions.

Some investors with keen investment vision have seen the investment opportunities of beverage vending machine, so they want to start a business through this equipment. Regarding how much he can earn in one month, AFEN takes a university as an example. At that time, the unmanned vending machine sold not only beverages, but also some snacks. For four consecutive months, the turnover exceeded 4336$, and the proportion of beverages was as high as 70%. Excluding part of the purchase cost, the net profit of a vending machine selling beverages can reach 1011-1156$.

Unmanned retail will be a huge outlet in the coming decades, and the beverage vending machine will also be a convenient shopping channel for everyone. So, what are its advantages over physical stores?

With the increase of aging, labor and rent are becoming more and more expensive. With the development of 5G, mobile payment technology is becoming more and more mature, and the field of unmanned sales will enter the fast track of development. Low investment and low risk have become synonymous with unmanned vending machines. To give the simplest example, opening a physical store will cause huge losses if the business is not good. The unmanned vending machine only needs to change to a better position, which is the so-called "small boat makes a turn around."

Of course, it is not all harmless. The biggest weakness of vending machines is that they have no affinity and are too cold. Of course, with the development of AI technology, most of this problem has been solved. Consequently, doing automatic and unmanned sales is definitely a very good and promising industry.

In short, no matter how much money unmanned beverage vending machines can make in a month, they are generally a profitable industry compared to physical stores. If you want to make money, you need to know how to operate. If you want to know about beverage unmanned vending machines, you can consult AFEN at any time!