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How Much Do You Know about the Types of Vending Machines

Nowadays, vending machines can be seen everywhere, rescuing the urgent need outside. The current epidemic has given birth to contactless delivery services, and vending machines are even contactless weapons. Are you already tempted to invest in a vending machine? Although the automatic vending machine look the same on the outside, they are also divided into many types. Here is a breakdown of the different vending machines which offer you a buying guide.

Ⅰ. Distinguish the types according to the intelligence of  automatic vending machines

1. Traditional mechanical vending machine

2. Intelligent vending machine

Note: The biggest difference between a mechanical vending machine and an intelligent vending machine is whether it has an intelligent brain (operating system) and whether it can be connected to the Internet.

Ⅱ. Smart vending machine cash register system

1. Traditional paper money payment, coin payment (coin vending machine)

2. WeChat, Alipay

3. QuickPass

4. face swiping

Note: different vending machine suppliers have different cash register system. But banknotes, coins, WeChat, and Alipay are indispensable.

Ⅲ. Distinguish the type according to the function of the vending machine

1.  Beverage vending machine

2. Automatic snacks vending machine

3.  Fresh fruit and vegetable vending machine

4.  Fresh milk vending machine

5. Commodity vending machine

6. Coffee vending machine

7.  Lucky bag machine

8. Customized vending machine

9. Sex toys vending machine

10. Special function vending machine

11. Freshly squeezed orange juice vending machine

12. Bento vending machine

Note: The above distinction is not necessarily 100% accurate, because now the vending machine can support the sale of many different products at the same time. Of course, coffee vending machines and ice cream vending machines, etc. are more specific.