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How Much Does Vending Machine Earn in a Month?

Nowadays, you can see the vending machine dispensers everywhere in crowded places. There are also many vending machines in subway stations, bus stations, and even schools. The reason for this is that they can sell by themselves without any introduction. And there are many ways to buy them like online payment is available nowadays. Vending machine dispensers don't need labor cost, but what's the monthly income of vending machine dispensers? AFEN will introduce it to you.


The space required for vending machine dispensers is not large, so the rent does not need a lot of money and even can be ignored. Moreover, vending machines usually sell some relatively cheap goods, especially drinks and snacks. Although there are many supermarkets in railway stations and other places, customers need to queue up when they pay. If you choose to go to the QR code payment vending machine, you just need to scan the code, open the door, take the goods away, close the door and leave. The whole process only takes several seconds, which saves you time. Because of this, in the past two years, machines like vending machine dispensers have appeared in many places, greatly facilitating people's lives.


Many vending machines now have displays on them. In order to let more customers see the products directly, we can use the screen to directly rotate the products. Of course, it is also profitable to play advertisements on advanced vending machines. Therefore, for vending machines, you can not only sell your own products but also benefit from advertising. So vending machines do not need any labor costs while you can make a lot of money with a small part of the rent so that the cost of vending machines can come back in a few months. Later, vending machines are almost experiencing pure profit. a bit can be said that even if the volume of people is not particularly large, the vending machine can sell hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars a day, earning at least 10,000 dollars in a month.