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How the Unmanned Vending Machine Solves the Problem of Getting Stuck of Goods

Anyone who has used a vending machine knows that sometimes there is a problem of goods' getting stuck in vending machines, which happened in unmanned vending machines is really a problem that affects the customer experience. Sometimes they are eager to buy things, but the goods just get stuck and cannot be refunded, which is really annoying. So how should vending machine manufacturers solve this problem?

Reserve the phone number on the automatic vending machine

When the customer has problems while using the unmanned vending machine, they can dial the reserved phone number to report to the manufacturer. And the manufacturer verifies the situation through the photos uploaded by customers and returns the amount of money they spend.

However, there are many problems with this approach. First of all, many customers are not willing to bother if the machine fails to come out after flapping. Although they don't care much about the money, they will still leave a bad impression on the products, which has a great impact on the development of vending machines and sets up an image of unreliability and immature technology in the minds of customers.

Secondly, vending machine manufacturers and vending machine suppliers are different. In general, the two are operated by different people. 

Therefore, the manufacturer cannot solve the problem in time after contacting the manufacturer. So the manufacturer needs to contact the vending machine supplier. The whole process is very long. If the customer's problems cannot be solved in time, it will be considered that the manager of the unmanned vending machine is inefficient and poor in handling affairs, and it is difficult to eliminate the prejudice of customers towards vending machines fundamentally.

The technology of automatic vending machine

This technology is realized by vending machines under the support of Internet technology, and strictly monitors the export of goods through infrared. When the customer pays successfully, the infrared does not detect the falling of the commodity, and the customer's consumption amount will be refunded immediately.

Must say, this is a very big improvement of unmanned vending machines and it has successfully solved the difficult problems of the current unmanned vending machines. Now that there is Internet technology as support, unmanned vending machines have launched more functions, such as QR code payment vending machine could pay with mobile phones, making consumption more convenient and faster.

Automatic vending machine use different racks for commodities

In the ordinary vending machines, bottled beverages are easily stuck in the vending machine because of their long size and insufficient tilt angle when they fall. In view of the characteristics of this kind of goods, an automatic vending machine has introduced vending machines with a serpentine rack that delivers beverages by its own gravity through falling. But this kind of vending machine will cost more than normal.

The grid ark vending machine is a better form to solve the problem of goods' getting stuck. It puts the goods in a cabinet. After the customer pays successfully, the door of the cabinet is opened, and customers can reach for the goods directly. But it provides relatively few commodities, and only one commodity can be put in a cabinet.

We are constantly finding problems of a vending machine in practice, and then to explore solutions to problems. If you have better suggestions or opinions, please leave a message to discuss.