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How to Maintain the Automatic Vending Machines?

Vending machines are the same as vehicles, which can be used for a few years if they are well maintained but can be used for a few years without maintenance. The quality of maintenance can affect the service life of the machine. Generally speaking, the following aspects should be done in the maintenance of vending machines.

1. If it is placed outdoors, it is required to have a rain canopy as the prevention. Nowadays, the vending machines made by the vending machine factory are equipped with touch screens, which will be affected by rain. If there is a cash module, water in the coin slot will affect the cash module's serving life. 

2. Regular cleaning is required. Whether it is the vending machine's internal or external surface, it needs to be clean, first to reduce rust and corrosion, and second to make a good impression on customers and increase their shopping desire.

3. It is necessary to check the external cable regularly to see if there is any damage or safety hazard. If it is cracked or bitten by a small animal, replace it in time.

4. It is necessary to turn on the energy-saving mode and set the period. For example, it does not need to turn on the refrigeration at midnight and let the refrigeration compressor take a break, which can significantly extend the refrigeration compressor's service life while saving power.

5. Regularly check the condition of the spring cargo channel, adjust the appropriate initial position, and match the size of the product, which is to reduce the stuck rate and increase the service life of the motor module.

The period mentioned above does not necessarily need to be finished especially, it is enough for operation staff to pay attention whenever they go to restock. Today's mechanical and electronic processing capabilities have made more remarkable progress than in previous years, and a vending machine can be used for ten or eight years without a problem.