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How to operate an Automatic Vending Machine

For beginners, the first problem of how to operate an automatic vending machine is what to sell, and it is also a technical problem to operate the automatic vending machine. Here AFEN will make a detailed analysis of how to operate a vending machine.


Novices running automatic vending machines generally make the same mistakes. It seems to be the principle for operators of vending machines to choose goods that are best-selling, and give up ones that are not selling well. It seems reasonable superficially, while in fact, there are great potential risks when lacking statistics of big data.

It is also true for the operation of vending machines. Although the vending machine is connected to the Internet, making it easy to analyze the sales of various commodities through intelligent backstage, it is absolutely stupid to remove all commodities that sell not so well. Best-selling commodities can take place more aisles, while commodities that don't sell well can be placed in one or two aisles. Otherwise, if the goods in the vending machine are too simple, many customers won't buy on your vending machine any more in the long run. For example, some people like to drink Fanta and occasionally coke, but one day they find that there are all Fanta but no Coca Cola in the personal beverage vending machine, it is possible that they are unwilling to buy goods on this vending machine in the future. Therefore, different quota ratios can be set for best-selling and unpopular commodities, and you should avoid such a sales scheme that only sells a single commodity.