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How to Put On the Automatic Vending Machine in the Market?

With the increasing popularity of vending machines, many companies or individuals have also begun to get involved in unmanned retail. It is easy to purchase machinery, equipment, fast-moving consumer goods, and manage machinery, but the only thing that is not easy is to find high-quality sites. Next, I will share with you how to launch the vending machine.

The high-quality sites to put the automated vending machine are divided into heavy traffic type, high effective customer group density type, mixed type, and other types. Railway stations, subway stations, airports, high-speed rail stations, tourist attractions, commercial streets, shopping malls, and other transportation hubs or business districts are typical traffic-type points, relying on supermassive traffic to bring sales. Generally speaking, transportation hubs belong to state-owned enterprises' scope, and entry requires typically bidding, which requires relatively high company qualifications, and there is basically no room for individuals to operate. Companies that want to bid can look at the bid announcements on relevant government websites. As for tourist attractions, commercial streets, and shopping malls, there is generally no need to bid and talk to the person in charge of it.

Schools, factories, and hospitals belong to the high-efficiency customer group density and mixed-type locations, where the effective customer group density within the coverage area is relatively high. Some require a formal company to bid and settle in, some do not, and the range of personal operations is relatively broad so that it can be given priority.

Once you have a target site, you can find the owner or manager of the place to discuss business cooperation. There are two main modes of vending machine launching. One is a fixed site fee, which is generally paid monthly, quarterly, and annually; the other is sales sharing, such as 5% (the specific number depends on the specific situation) of sales to point parties as site fee. Which method is more appropriate depends on the particular situation.