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How to Reduce the Operating Cost of Smart Vending Machines by Extending Their Life (I)

At present, the smart vending machine is not a novel "black technology" anymore, since it has been around for more than ten years. However, it has become popular in the last two years and has been recognized by all, which is because it often appears in the streets of the first- and second-tier cities, and it brings convenient shopping experience to countless people. While everyone has a good shopping experience, how do operators control operating costs? How can its lifespan extended? Next, AFEN will give you a detailed analysis.

In this era of rapid development, everything is more and more intelligent. The most intuitive thing is that you can scan the code of  QR code vending machine to pay when you eat, or you can buy everything you want without leaving home. These are all products of the times, among which smart vending machine is becoming more and more widely used in life, and it is really becoming more and more common. Today, the smart vending machine market has been widely recognized, which has attracted countless investors.

The composition of the operating cost of vending machine is relatively complicated, including cost of location, electricity, transportation for replenishment, labor and so on. Another is the cost of the machine itself. The price of smart vending machines varies, and the common selling price is around 722 to 4336$. Investors don't need to buy too good ones, generally just choose the right one, which is about 1445$. The investment costs of smart vending machines are really small, and entrepreneurs must be able to have these investment funds. But it's not that there will be no other expenses if you invest them, the machine has a certain life span, if its time is short, it will increase its cost, and only by extending the life span can the cost be reduced.