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How to Select Goods that Put in Automatic Vending Machines

In the process of purchasing goods for automatic vending machines, we should consider the short-term, medium-term, and long-term plans. According to the different profits of hot-selling and general products, they can be divided into several categories: hot-selling goods, high-profit goods, potential goods, and obsolete goods.

1. Hot-selling goods refer to those with large sales volumes. For example, in summer, all kinds of herbal tea, carbonated drinks, and mineral water are popular. Although the profit of an individual is not so much, the overall profit is still very impressive. Therefore, it is possible to set a higher quota for these items in the automatic vending machine.


2. High-profit commodities refer to commodities with high profits. For example, the gross profit of a bottle of yogurt is $1, but the sales volume is relatively small, so the quota of these goods should be small.


3. Potential commodities refer to the commodities expected to be popular in a certain period of time in the future, such as celebration food before festivals. The quota of some potential commodities may be increased temporarily according to the situation.


4. Obsolete goods refer to the goods that are going to fall into disuse. After a long period of observation, if it is found that some commodities are unprofitable and very unpopular, AFEN suggests withdrawing such commodities. Some intelligent vending machines will also be removed due to the change of the season. If they are still sold after the season, they will be less popular. Such products take up extra space in the vending machines and should be removed.