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Lucky Box Vending Machine

The concept of mystery box Vending Machines is a hit in Japan and Taiwan and in Malaysia. To win an iPhone, Mac, or some valuable things, or even dating with some famous ones is possible from lucky box Vending Machine, curiosity and lucky psychology is the nature of human beings. This provides the opportunity for lucky box Vending Machine operators for a new business.

Lucky Box Vending Machine

Star Investment Inc.found it is a big opportunity for the young people to release their pressure by "opening" such mystery box, they place the lucky box Vending Machine in different business centers and shopping malls, it attracts many young white-collars and people in different ages to try it. SIN says, “They did not want to win big gifts, but to enjoy shopping fun to release pressure from work and life.”

Compared to the standard, easy-to-read Vending Machine, AFEN lucky box custom vending machines adds the mystery of the contents of the product, It is this kind of unpredictability and interest that satisfies consumers' "out of the box" psychology and stirs consumers' curiosity. The product packaging is unified, the selling price is unified, but the value of the product inside is different after opening. and with novel play attracted many consumers to buy to try their luck. it can be placed in the community, shopping malls, hospitals, railway stations, airports, metro, park, gym, etc. 

AFEN QR code vending machine, with small investment but big income, covers an area of only 1 square meter, less rent, unattended, low input cost, easy location, can be adjusted and optimized at any time, through the wireless Internet into a number of Vending terminals connected together to achieve the overall operation of the automated chain. 

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