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Market Outlook on the Development of School Automatic Vending Machines

In terms of the market outlook of automatic vending machines, I believe that everyone will see a bright future. The outbreak of the epidemic in 2020 has promoted the market of unmanned retail, along with vending machines. Next, AFEN will introduce something about the prospects and advantages of school automatic vending machines that are always been talked about.

As early as a few years ago, the automatic vending machine appeared intermittently. However, at that time, people can only buy goods with cash on it, and the step of queuing for change was really cumbersome, so the shopping experience was even worse than buying them in a convenience store. So it has not been very popular until the popularity of online payment in the past two years, coupled with the updating and iteration of technology. QR code payment vending machine makes payment much easier, and unmanned sales become increasingly popular now.


With the development of vending machines, people began to notice their market potential in school. As we all know, students are a large group, which is an obvious advantage for the operation of vending machines there. 


Strengths of AFEN Automatic Vending Machine

1. Work for 24 hours a day

Traditional physical stores only open 15 hours a day at most, while some students like to stay late to play computer games or watch TV series, so they can not buy food when they are thirsty and hungry in the late night. The automatic vending machine is open 24 hours a day to meet the needs of students.


2. Enjoy a high exposure

 The vending machine is different from traditional physical stores. Whether it is on the way to class or back to the dormitory, it is easy to enter the students' view as long as the location of vending machines is well selected.


3. No direct contact between the seller and the buyer

In 2020, the outbreak of the epidemic makes contactless shopping an important way for everyone to avoid infection, so many schools choose to let students shop in vending machines.

4. Diversified payment methods

It can be paid through various online payment methods, and students are easy to accept fresh things. In addition, fewer people go out with cash on them.


In the new field of vending machines, everyone turns his attention to schools to expand the market. Here, AFEN also suggests investors who want to enter this market of vending machines must make sufficient preparations before your action and do not follow the trend blindly. Investors who know little about vending machines can consult AFEN's customer service at any time.