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Milk Vending Machine/Milk box Vending Machine

More than 160 dairy farmers in a city in Zhejiang province, China also frequently pour fresh milk into the ditch, sometimes dumping 14 tons in a day, A large, well-known farmer’s owner, his name is CEHN XING, says pouring milk or even killing cows is an unwelcome prospect for retail farmers. It is difficult to keep milk fresh and the cost of keeping it fresh is too high, it has cost nothing to throw it away when it stinks. 

Milk Vending Machine

One day, he went to one Agricultural fair in Shanghai, he saw our brand new vending machine, he thinks it is amazing and he wants to sell his fresh milk though our Machines. So he starts his project after that fair, he thinks the locations are very important too,  he went to different schools and introduce the advantages to the chairman of schools,(especially primary schools), to provide a cup/bottle of milk every day for students by fresh milk Vending Machines. And there is also milk project for residence in communities, too. and he created his brand and package etc. CEHN XING successfully achieved an increase in production by 294 hours and a cost savings of $21,465 over a 22-month period.

AFEN Mobile Milk Vending Machine helps the farm to expand into a new market, AFEN Milk Vending Machine can be placed to community, schools, shopping malls, hospitals, railway station, airports, metro, parks, Gym, etc.

We have cooperated with Meng Niu Dairy and Yili milk etc. AFEN Drink Vending Machine is equipped with an imported compressor, it can sterilize and effectively protect the freshness and nutrition of milk products, choose vending machine factory AFEN, enjoy a healthy life.