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AF-S770+27S Adult Vending Machine

  • 24 hours self service huge capactiy vending machine

  • PC+Phone remote control management automatic recognizing sub-cabinet.

  • Glass defogging system.

  • Galvanized top coated steel sheet.

  • Slots are flexible.

  • SaaS System remote managenment.

  • Anti-theft pick-up door,grating detection.

  • Modular system,more energy-saving,easy to disassemble,clean.

DimensionsLeft cabinet :H: 1933mm, W:1122mm, D: 770 mm
Right cabinet:H: 1940mm, W: 1080mm, D: 320mm
Selection6 layers
TemperatureNormal temperature
CapacityAbout 400-800 types (according to size of goods)
Payment systemCoin, bill, credit card etc.
(our quotation does not include any payment system)
OptionalMultiple -vend function
Merchandise typeMaximum about 70+27 choices(canned/bottle/box-packed product)
Standard60 slots +27 lockers

AF-S770+27S Adult Vending Machine
  • Anti-Theft Pick Up Door

    Anti-Theft Pick Up Door

  • 5 inch Display Screen

    5 inch Display Screen

  • 16 Leys Metal Pad

    16 Leys Metal Pad

  • Intelligent Yun Service

    Intelligent Yun Service

  • Mobile Payment

    Mobile Payment

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