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Scenario Analysis of Smart Vending Machine: What Issues Should be Paid Attention to When Joining the Unmanned Retail Industry (I)

Smart vending machines originated from automatic vending machines. So, what is the prospect of smart vending machines and what issues should be paid attention to when joining the unmanned retail industry. Next, AFEN will analyze in detail for everyone.

Smart vending machines have become more intelligent after multiple iterations of technology, and the products that can be sold in the cabinet are also becoming more abundant. After offline brick-and-mortar stores have experienced the crazy development of e-commerce, the cost of opening stores has risen sharply, and the operating status is not optimistic. At present, as a derivative service of offline physical stores, intelligent terminal equipment is very popular, which makes many people who used to wait and see eager to join this industry.

However, most people don't understand the prospect of this industry. Today, AFEN will share with you some problems about smart vending machine:

1. Advantages of smart vending machine

The introduction of smart vending machines greatly facilitates people's lives. In many life scenarios, such as schools, hospitals, communities, office buildings and transportation hubs, you can find vending machines everywhere, which satisfy people's instant shopping needs. For operators, operating costs are very low, especially saving the cost of personnel and venue rental costs in physical stores.

2. Precautions of smart vending machine 

a. Point location

As a business, the most concern of any retail activity is customer flow, which is the basis. Therefore, it is very important to select the appropriate point location. Through the investigation of the population and consumption habits in the area, we can understand the coverage of similar competitive products, convenience stores and stores in the surrounding areas, so as to statistically analyze the flow of people that the area can bring to intelligent vending machines.