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Shoes Vending Machine/Slipper Vending Machine

Today, the lives of ordinary young people are under great pressure. Many people take advantage of the short time of the weekend to go outside and play with their families and children. In summer, children like swimming, and many parents will take them to the beach or the swimming pool to play, or when you feel very hot in summer, you want to swim, but you forget to take the slippers, at this time, you can buy the slippers from the sandal vending machine. 

AFEN Shoe Vending Machine such as a sandal vending machine has simple transaction instructions and customers can choose colors and size, Pack-able shoe items that can be easily stored away. The shoes dispensed by AFEN Shoes Vending Machines come in plastic bags or boxes and take little space in one's luggage.

AFEN vending machine service for small business is also suitable for these commodities, such as toys, fortune bags, gifts, adult products, power banks, books, snacks, instant noodles, and other commodities.

AFEN intelligent vending machine of High Quality Whether you have a retail store, health club, gym centers, yoga centers, or any other type of business where people constantly come and go.

Choose AFEN sandal vending machine, choose more convenient life~

Shoes Vending Machine