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Sim Card Vending Machine

Nowadays, Outbound tourism is becoming a way for Chinese people to spend their holidays. According to the data of China's outbound tourism development annual report 2015, China has been the world's largest source of tourists for two consecutive years.

At the same time, when traveling abroad, people are increasingly inseparable from mobile phones, looking up addresses, navigation, photo sharing, looking for strategies... But the domestic mobile telecom Unicom card costs very high, or can not be used. How can we surf the Internet on our mobile phones while traveling abroad?

SIM Card Vending Machines are very popular in many international airports, users can purchase the virtual SIM card through the free mobile sim card vending machine. At the same time, with the tariff level close to the local price, users can enjoy the global stable and comprehensive Internet service in the travel area by our AFEN SIM card top vending machines.

Mr. Wu Bin, the deputy general manager of a well-known SIM card company says, “currently, our free mobile sim card vending machine covers more than 100 countries and regions, including Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, the United States, Australia, Japan, and other popular countries and regions.”

Sim Card Vending Machine

AFEN free mobile sim card vending machine can be placed anywhere, no more manual filling out the form. It is being done automatically. The Machine works faster than humans and it does not error, Transcends language barrier offering service in several world languages. This makes it necessary in places packed with tourists. which serves foreign visitors to easily access low-cost mobile data communications. It mainly locates in airports, bus stations, for those who travel aboard, because local telephone numbers get cheaper cost for messages, calling services, and dates. It saves costs for tourists.

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