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The Comparison of Spring Aisles and Crawler Cargo Aisles Used by Integrated Vending Machines

Integrated vending machines using spring aisles and crawler cargo aisles are common, where snacks and beverages, and daily commodities can be sold. Next, let's analyze and compare these two aisles.

Ⅰ. Spring aisle of automatic vending machine


1. It is a low-cost, simple-processed, and low-technical threshold, which make it not only produced by a few well-known large factories but also produced and assembled by many unknown small manufacturers and hand-crafted workshops.

2. It is versatile. As long as the size of the product matches the space of the spring pitch, beverages, snacks, and various commodities in various common packaging forms (includes but not limited to packaging in bottles, boxes, bags, and other packaging forms) can be sold. Therefore, the automatic vending machine with the spring aisle is also called an integrated vending machine.

3. It adopts a modular design and is easy to maintain, which does not require professional skills, and ordinary people can get approached easily.


1. The stuck rate is high. Once the goods are stuck, the customer's shopping experience is poor, and the labor cost of operating is high.

2. It is in the form of a large glass showcase, which has low heat preservation and high-power consumption abilities when it turns on for refrigeration (it is the common shortcoming of all automatic vending machines in the form of a showcase).

3. Its space utilization rate is low, which is determined by the type of goods contained in the aisle. And it cannot be improved since there are too many gaps between the goods.

The vending machine with the spring aisle has the characteristics of low-technical threshold and low cost. It is one of the leading models in the market.

Ⅱ. Crawler cargo aisles of automatic vending machine

The crawler cargo aisles is an extension version of the spring aisle. Generally speaking, the integrated vending machine's aisle can be changed between the spring and the crawler.

The crawler cargo aisles has a narrow application range, which is suitable for selling short bottled and boxed goods (such as boxed lunches and fruit trays with elevators). The goods are placed on the crawler without the risk of dumping. Crawler cargo aisles are only used in particular situations; otherwise, spring aisles are generally used.

The service life of the crawler cargo aisle is shorter than that of the spring aisle. In the actual application of automatic vending machines, spring aisles and crawler cargo aisles can be mixed to adapt to different products.