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The Feasibility of Spreading Automatic Vending Machines in College

At present, the automatic vending machine industry realizes informatization and further rationalization. It implements an online mode and transmits the inventory information in the automatic vending machine to each business site's computers on time through the telephone line, thereby ensuring the timely delivery of goods, replenishment, and smooth selection of goods.

At the same time, automatic vending machines will further develop in the direction of saving resources and energy as well as high functionality. Nowadays, in those colleges and universities, an automated vending machine is a project to develop, which can save energy and make it convenient for students to buy drinks.

1. The profitability of automatic vending machines in colleges and universities

1) As a new retail format, the operating cost of automatic vending machines in schools is mainly composed of machine depreciation costs, goods purchase, distribution transportation costs, and administrative costs, including labor.

2) The success of vending machines' operational capability is mainly related to various factors such as the school's demographic structure, the income level of the student's family, the location of the display, the type of goods, and personal interests and preferences. Generally speaking, the higher the income level, the more significant the proportion of migrants, especially the cities and locations where young people are more likely to accept new things and consume for fashion, the greater the sales of vending machines.

3) In the school, site rent can be omitted, and the school's population flow is large. All of them are young people, who are more willing to accept new things and the relatively high prices of goods sold by automatic vending machine.

2. The analysis of the advantageous conditions of automatic vending machines

1) The automatic vending machines are far away from supermarkets and shops, whether in the teaching area, sports field, supermarket, or off-campus stores. Generally, students can only bring their drinks, but the drinks they take in summer cannot keep cold. Setting up automatic vending machines in teaching areas and sports fields can solve the problem while providing convenience.

2) Teaching areas, sports fields, and other places where they can't buy drinks are the best choices because there are many people and far away from shops. Although there was no detailed questionnaire survey on the purchase and consumption of beverages, after some random inquiries, the students all expressed a strong demand to establish automatic vending machines.

3) College students have relatively high moral quality and we can choose to place automatic vending machines in monitored locations. Generally, they will not destroy machines at will.

As a new type of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly retail state, the automatic vending machine brings convenience to college students and also increases the school's financial income, which is a project with investment profit.