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The Future Development of Automatic Vending Machines

With the emerging of the Internet and the increasing consumers' requirements for shopping convenience, China's retail landscape is undergoing profound changes. For FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods), in addition to BHG Market Places and convenience stores, automatic vending machines are opening another window for enterprises with its convenience and 24-hour service.


The start of China's automatic vending machine channel can be traced back to 1994 when Japan's Suntory Company took the lead in introducing automatic vending machines to China. Since about 2000, automatic vending machine channel had entered the groping and market introduction period. Since 2013, the automatic vending machine channel had presented an explosive development after more than ten years of exploration and imitation. Gradually, the independent R&D and innovation systems of domestic automatic vending machines had formed. In 2013, mobile payment technology was introduced for automatic vending machines. The QR code vending machine was born at the right moment. In 2015, the automatic vending machine channel opened the Internet era.


In recent years, the growth rate of the annual sales via the automatic vending machine channel has exceeded 100%. The average monthly yield of automatic vending machines is increasing with the development of the economy and the improvement of people’s living standards.


In terms of regional distribution, automatic vending machines are mainly distributed in coastal areas. With the boom of the economy and the change of domestic consumption concept, automatic vending machines have become an emerging market of FMCG, attracting many beverage enterprises and even giants to join in.


With the cost of domestic human resources and commercial space rising sharply, especially the rapid development of the mobile payment industry in China, and the interactive experience marketing, the intelligent automatic vending machine industry in China will usher in a new era for a grand wave of development in the future.