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The Latest Four Kinds of Cooperation Schemes of School Vending Machines

In 2020, vending machines in the unmanned retail subvision field attract the attention of the capital market again. The concept of contactless retail was not that popular a few years ago, while it has been widely mentioned due to the outbreak of the epidemic this year. Here is some information about the contactless shopping experience of intelligent retail: The advantages of vending machines are gradually showing up: it only takes up 1 square meter and is convenient to shop instantly. Thus an increasing number of customers like this "new thing".


Do you have any cooperation plan of the vending machine in the school? Next, we will provide four cooperation modes for you.


1. Whole machine sales/equipment leasing/track leasing

AFEN can provide automatic vending machine and other services for partners, and you can choose one which is most suitable for your own business, covering high-frequency daily deal with low cost and make operation and management more efficient.


2. Spot cooperation 

If you have a prime location with a dense flow of clients while you don't have time and energy to make full use of it, the spot cooperation mode is very suitable for you. You provide the venue, and the partner pays for the rent and sells on his own. This mode let you have no worries.


3.  Supply chain cooperation

If you are a commodity supplier, the supply chain cooperation mode can let you give full play to your advantages and build a digital supply chain system for you. Through the dynamic analysis of big data to understand the market demand, you can accuratly design the supply plan and avoid risks of supply and demand, which can meet market environment changes, accurately reach consumer groups, improve commodity sales and improve circulation efficiency.


4.  Advertising cooperation

Online and offline resources are fully integrated by vending machines, which can open up a variety of channels for marketing promotion and create various forms of advertising, stimulating efficient transformation by using the shortest path to reach users and guide users' behavior.Through the introduction of different machines in various scenes, the promotion information can reach the target users quickly. And big data is used to accurately analyze the massive user information, track the promotion effect in real time, and receive data feedback.