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The Latest Site Selection Techniques for The Self-service Vending Machine Placement Plan to Obtain Higher Profits (Part 1)

In recent years, with the rise of unmanned retail, more and more vending machines appear in various places. For example, there are schools, factories, hospitals, stations, tourist attractions and so on. These places have either very high density of effective customer groups or large passenger flow. So, what are the launch plans for vending machines?

1. Placement Venue

The key to profitability of unmanned automatic vending machines lies in their placement. A good spot should meet several points: a place where the passenger flow should be dense enough and can allow consumers to stay for a short time. Good locations include hospitals, schools, factories, and so on, where passenger flow is concentrated. Relatively good points: traffic stations, office buildings or tourist attractions and so on.

2. Commodity Category Selection

After choosing a good location, we should understand the needs of consumers nearby. If it is a school, it can sell snacks and drinks; in factories and entertainment places, it mainly sells bottled or canned drinks. Operators can adjust the goods sold at any time according to the short-term operation data to meet the diversified consumption needs of consumers. AFEN's self-service vending machines can provide technical support for operators, and analyze consumer behavior preferences based on intelligent background data, so that operators can adjust inventory in a timely manner.