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The New Business Form of Unmanned Vending Cabinet Will Help Businesses Lay Out Contactless Retail in 2020

"Sharing bicycles, sharing power banks, unmanned express vehicles, unmanned retail..." In recent years, we can always hear some "new words", which represent the birth of a new format. At the same time, we can also experience the convenience it brings. With the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, automatic vending machine will usher in a new outlet to help businesses lay out contactless retail. Next, we will take you to learn more about it.

In fact, automatic vending machines are not new products in 2020, but the outbreak of the epidemic has given automatic vending machine a new opportunity to take advantage of the wind. If you pay more attention to the retail industry, you will find that the performance of unmanned retail in the stock market has risen by 9%. Investors who used to oppose and wait-and-see to unmanned retail can only say "Wow" in retrospect.

Taking off our coat, we study unmanned retail and vending machines, all of which are inseparable from the essence of retail, "people, goods, and markets." In other words, merchants cannot do without these three elements when deploying automatic vending machine.

The element of "people" refers to "who are our consumers?"

The element of "goods" means "What to sell? How to sell?"

The element of "market" means "Where to sell"?

To this end, AFEN has launched an integrated operation service for automatic vending machine for partners, providing cabinet hardware support and software service support to help partners easily enter the "fast lane" of vending machines.

AFEN keeps optimizing the hardware, which allows the container to sell not only water, drinks, snacks and other daily needs, but also breakfast, fast food, fresh fruit and other commodities.

If you also want to seize the opportunity of unmanned retail and have a strong interest in automatic vending machine, AFEN will provide you with multi-faceted service support. If you want to know more, please contact AFEN customer service.