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The Technologies Used in Automatic Vending Machines

The appearance of the automatic vending machine looks simple, but it incorporates a variety of current new technologies, bringing freshness and convenience to everyone. Therefore, automatic vending machines are very popular among young people. Let us take a closer look at the large collection of black technologies in automatic vending machines.

1. Swipe card shopping at vending machine:

With the support of the network, it has a variety of electronic payment functions.

2. Currency recognition of automatic vending machines:

The electronic control system can develop voucher functions with cooperation with the paper money and coin recognizer. For example, coin-operated vending machine can recognize paper and coin type voucher.

3. Vending machine network operation:

The current operating data of the automatic vending machine, including system status, system failure, material channel failure, out-of-stock situation, and sales data are wirelessly transmitted to the automatic vending machine network server through the GPRS module installed on the vending machine, and the operator can access any information of the vending machine on the computers connected to the network, and the large-scale operation and network management of the vending machine can be realized.

4. Multimedia display of automatic vending:

The touch screen vending machine adopts LED display and multimedia display technology. The vending machine system is docked with the PC system, so that consumers can purchase the goods of the vending machine through the PC-controlled touch screen, which not only replaces the selection button, but also enables the vending machine to have media functions.