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Under the Epidemic Situation, House Economy Opens Vending Machine Business

It's 2021 in a blink of an eye, don't you think time flies quickly? The outbreak of the epidemic in 2020 has impacted many industries and forced them to shut down. But it has also bred a lot of new industries and new formats.There are opportunities when there is danger, and the real gap is done when the crisis comes!

Under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, it is a good time to start vending machine business and achieve profitability of it. Automatic vending machines contribute to contactless sales, contactless distribution and contactless service.

1. Fresh food:

Automatic vending cabinets help the epidemic prevention and control, realizing contactless purchases, cold storage, fresh preservation, lifting sales, and intermediate pick-ups.

In the early stage of the epidemic in February 2020: The takeaway industry and others have pushed contactless delivery and contactless meal pick-up services, and the demand for self-pickup cabinets continues to rise.

2. Delivery:

The smart meal picking cabinet and the storage cabinet are open to all third-party online and offline catering stores, express companies, supermarkets, fresh food, e-commerce platforms, takeaway O2O platforms, and various community service providers in a platform-oriented direction, providing customized service to solve the difficulties in catering industries.

3. Catering:

At the beginning of the epidemic, automatic lunch box machines, automatic hamburger machines and automatic salad machines came into being. After the outbreak of the epidemic in March 2020, the catering industry, in order to avoid human contact, effectively reduce the possibility of infection, alleviate the problem of manpower shortage, and improve the efficiency of making meals, opened a new catering mode under the epidemic situation, and the Bento vending machines are also widely popular.

4. Face masks and medicines

Face masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectants and other cleaning products can be purchased without human contact through mobile phone code scanning.

Under the epidemic situation: the number of customers coming to physical pharmacies decreased by 30%, expert outpatient service was cancelled, and the number of outpatient visits in hospitals decreased by more than 10%. The orders of e-commerce drug store platform increased by 40%, and the number of people conducting online doctor consultation increased by 200%. The concept of non-contact drug purchase is accepted by more pharmacies and users. The unmanned retail business of medicine is rising rapidly, and the medical supply vending machine is gradually introduced.

The market is always changing. In this era of rapid change and development, we should not only choose the right way for our own development, but also keep up with the development pace of our society, and constantly adapt to the current situation to seek new changes.