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During The Critical Period Of "Epidemic", Unmanned Shopping Is Safer!

Since January 2020, the outbreak of the new corona-virus has had a great impact on all walks of life in China and the world.

Due to the high risk of cross infection, many shopping malls are suspended, but people need foods and dairy necessities all the time.

In order to avoid direct face-to-face and to reduce the risk of person-to-person transmission, 24 hours "contact-less" shopping has become the primary way for everyone to solve their needs. AFEN is a very good choice for you.

1.AFEN intelligent locker vending machine

AFEN intelligent locker vending machine

24h self-service store, special for pharmacy, medical supplies, face mask, protective gloves, hand sanitize, disinfection products etc.

2.AFEN mask vending machine

AFEN mask vending machine

24 hours contact-less shopping, protect yourself and save time. 

We can help with face masks in China if you need.

3.AFEN pharmacy vending machine

AFEN pharmacy vending machine

Saving cost and time get the pharmacy products.

4.AFEN vending machine for drinks and foods

AFEN vending machine for drinks and foods

Please protect yourself and your families during the special time.