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Vegetable Vending Machine: an Updated Version of the Vending Machine

The vegetable vending machine is an upgraded version of the ordinary vending machine, which is an intelligent vending machine with high manufacturing technology. It is equivalent to a small unmanned vegetable supermarket. In communities where there is no vegetable market around the community, and the community is far from the supermarket, vegetable vending machines have significant advantages. In the communities with complete supporting facilities, vegetable vending machines can also make a customized route to sell some organic and pollution-free vegetables, which is popular nowadays.

1. What are the unique functions of the vegetable vending machine?

Vegetables must be placed in a fresh and moisturizing environment, so vegetable vending machines must be equipped with them. There are some manufacturers who use ordinary vending machines to sell vegetables because the storage function cannot be realized, and the vegetables inside are easy to rot. There is a function of automatic heat preservation in the vegetable vending machine, which can control vegetables to deteriorate in a specific temperature range.

2. What products can the vegetable vending machine sell?

In addition to various vegetables, you can also sell multiple fruits and fresh meat.

3. How much area does the vegetable vending machine need?

Generally, it only needs 2 square meters. Compared with independent store operation, the floor space is small, and the rent is not very expensive, which is a low-cost investment.

4. Precautions for the operation of vegetable vending machines

It is essential to keep the security of the device. We can cooperate with the community's security, who can pay attention to the vegetable vending machine in the community. If there is no security in the community, high-definition cameras can be installed to deter spoilers. The possibility of vegetable vending machines being destroyed is much slighter than other vending machines.