Vending Machine Cases

  • Face Mask Vending Machine
    Face Mask Vending Machine
    Since the outbreak of pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus, the shortage of medical supplies has been severed in the world. Surgical masks are also very important medical supplies and disposable cons...
  • Healthy Food Vending Machine
    Healthy Food Vending Machine
    As people become more aware of healthy eating options, a health food vending machine is a more attractive option. It provides a healthy solution for those who don’t have time to cook at home but desi...
  • Cup Noodle Vending Machine
    Cup Noodle Vending Machine
    Recently, Afen marketed a new vending machine special for instant noodles. Afen Speedy Hot Noodle Vending Machine works 24 hours . It heats up water and dispenses it into noodle bowls. Creates hot noo...
  • Egg Vending Machine
    Egg Vending Machine
    Egg vending machines are popular in communities. When you are cooking at home and ran out of eggs, no need to travel to your local supermarket or grocery store to buy fresh eggs when you have an egg v...
  • Book Vending Machine
    Book Vending Machine
    Booking vending machine features age-appropriate reads for all the school’s students range from primary school to university. It encourages students to focus on reading and to develop the reading hab...
  • Power Bank Vending Machine/Smart Portable Power Bank Vending Machine
    Power Bank Vending Machine/Smart Portable Power Bank Vending Machine
    Power banks are portable chargers for your mobile device. Recharge your device anywhere, anytime. Never run out of power again. A portable charger that combines the functions of power supply and char...
  • Cell Accessories Vending Machine
    Cell Accessories Vending Machine
    The first “Mi Express” kiosk is out in the wild at Manhattan Tech Park in Bengaluru, and it takes what appears to be all forms of payment short of ancient roman gold coins.
  • Medicine Vending Machine
    Medicine Vending Machine
    24 hours self service unattended pharmacy dispensing machine to save cost and time of patients,suitable for busy hospitals, clinics, pharmacies.
  • Coffee Vending Machine Placed at Public Rest Area
    Coffee Vending Machine Placed at Public Rest Area
    A coffee vending machine may be placed in a row with other types of food and beverage machines. Some vending machines dispense water and soda, while others offer snacks such as potato chips and candy ...
  • Stationery Vending Machine
    Stationery Vending Machine
    Normal temperature stationery vending machine for selling packed pens,pencil boxes,notebooks,and other stationeries .It’s a cost and labour saving mini stationery store for school,office and other pl...
  • Lucky Box Vending Machine
    Lucky Box Vending Machine
    The concept of mystery box vending machines is a hit in Japan and Taiwan and in Malaysia.
  • Milk Vending Machine/Milk box Vending Machine
    Milk Vending Machine/Milk box Vending Machine
    More than 160 dairy farmers in a city in Zhejiang province,China also frequently pour fresh milk into the ditch, sometimes dumping 14 tons in a day, A large, well-known farmer’s owner, his name is CE...
  • Sim Card Vending Machine
    Sim Card Vending Machine
    Nowadays, Outbound tourism is becoming a way for Chinese people to spend their holidays. According to the data of China outbound tourism development annual report 2015, China has been the world's ...
  • Shoes Vending Machine/Slipper Vending Machine
    Shoes Vending Machine/Slipper Vending Machine
    Nowadays, the life pressure of ordinary young people is very big. Many people take advantage of the short time of weekend to go outside and play with their families and children. In summer, children l...