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Vending Machine Dispensers with Different Racks are Sold at Different Prices (Ⅰ)

At present, there are many types of vending machine dispensers. According to the types of goods sold, there are selling drinks, vegetables, snacks, fast food,etc. And the types of racks are also different. In the market, they can be roughly divided into four types: lattice, spiral, conveyer and serpentine. So what's the function and price difference of vending machine dispensers with different racks?


1.Serpentine rack

The serpentine rack is specially developed for drink vending. It can sell all kinds of bottled and canned beverages. The beverages are stacked layer by layer in the rack, relying on their own gravity to slide down for shipment without jamming, and the outlet is controlled by a motor.


The serpentine rack has its special advantages: the beverages are stacked layer by layer in the rack, so that the utilization rate is high, the capacity is large, and there are many kinds of beverages that can be sold. The way of delivery determines that the rack is not prone to jams; And replenishing is easy and fast, just throw the drink in horizontally. Of course, this kind of rack also has disadvantages, such as complex structure, difficult design and processing, and high requirements. The general vending machine supplier is unable to produce, and the manufacturing cost is relatively high.


2. Spiral rack

The spiral type is an earlier vending machine rack, which is simple in structure, and can sell a wide variety of goods. The common commodities are snacks, beverages and some small commodities.


The spiral rack has the advantages of low manufacturing cost, and many kinds of goods can be sold in it. The disadvantage is that selling bottled beverages is more prone to jams, and replenishment is more troublesome. You need to take the rack out, and then place the goods one by one. This process needs to be careful. If it is not placed well, it will increase the probability of jam of goods.