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What are Cosmetic Vending Machines Selling?

Based on research on the global retail market, Kantar Retail Consulting data shows that when the per capita GDP reaches 10,000 US dollars, consumer demand for vending machines will usher in an explosion. According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2016, my country’s per capita GDP exceeded 9 provinces, covering more than 350 million people. In the future, the vending machine channel may become a major emerging channel in the retail industry.

At present, the products sold by vending machines on the market are mainly traditional beverages and snacks. Over-the-counter medicines and adult product vending machines have also emerged in recent years.

Makeup Vending Machine For Sale

In terms of cosmetics, as international brands such as Sephora, L'Oreal Paris, Chanel and some cosmetics franchise stores have successively launched vending machines and promoted them on a large scale, the domestic market seems to have smelled business opportunities and are ready to move.

In recent years, cosmetic vending machine touch have appeared in foreign airports, subways, and shopping malls. The machine covers makeup, perfume, skin care products and travel kits.