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What Are the Advantages of Fresh Vending Machines?

It is feasible to make fresh food in the community. However, due to the development of online fresh food e-commerce, physical stores have become more and more difficult. Combining consumer demand and future industry changes, fresh vending machines have emerged and are getting better and better. What are the advantages of fresh vending machines?

Ⅰ. Combine e-commerce and fresh vending machines to accurately cover consumers

1. E-commerce can be cleverly combined with fresh vending machines to achieve accurate coverage to increase conversion rates and sales. For example, online activities can be held to allow customers to go to offline fresh vending machines to purchase specific goods. E-commerce has more offline shopping options to improve the overall shopping experience. Offline fresh vending machines can perfectly compensate The disadvantages of the product cannot be seen online. What's more, the fresh vending machine cost is low.

2. Accurate coverage. The consumer group is relatively fixed, and most fresh vending machines are located within the radius of consumers' daily lives.

Ⅱ. The consumer repurchase rate of fresh vending machines is high, and the offline traffic is considerable

1. The fresh vending machine can support online and offline mobile payment, and will retain the detailed transaction information of each customer and each order. According to user ID, location scene, consumption record, consumption preference, etc., through intelligent background analysis, the product category of offline fresh vending machine can be optimized according to the data.

2. Fresh vending machines are placed in communities, factories, etc. According to consumers' living habits, core products are flexibly allocated to meet the regular shopping needs of consumers.

3. Consumers within the coverage of fresh vending machines have a high consumption rate and a high repurchase rate, consuming 3-4 times a week on average.

In general, with the advancement of technology, more unmanned equipment will enter people’s lives. Community fresh vending machines are just the beginning. The future fresh food industry will move towards unmanned retail. Development, in the future, unmanned fresh vending machines will definitely bring new vitality to the development of the community’s fresh food retail industry.