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What Are the Advantages of Smart Vending Machines?

With the increasingly fierce competition in the new retail market, smart vending machines have gradually emerged, and they have appeared in all major public places. At this moment, smart vending machines have gradually replaced some physical stores and have become a ubiquitous part of people's lives.

Ⅰ. Intelligent vending machine has less investment, more types, and labor saving

1. The smart vending machine has less capital investment and relatively low thresholds. In addition, the area of the smart vending machine only needs to be placed 1-2 square meters, and no special store space is required. For example, free space in parks, school dormitories, scenic spots, hotel apartments, transportation hubs, industrial parks, office buildings and service halls can be used.

2. Smart vending machines are not just the food and drink machines we have seen. There may be dozens of smart vending machines, such as self-service orange juice machines, adult automatic vending machines, mini self-service KTV singing bars, shared charging power banks, etc. These are the business performance of various forms of the smart vending machine. At the same time, the vending machine company has presented with many opportunities.

3. With the current increase in aging, labor and rent are becoming more and more expensive. The development of 5G indicates that mobile payment technology is becoming more mature and the automated, shared and vending sectors will enter a period of rapid growth.

Ⅱ. Smart vending machines have low risk and can carry out advertising business

1. The intelligent vending machine is equivalent to a small convenience store. The difference between it and the convenience store is that it does not require manual sales and is open 24 hours a day. Whether it is windy or rainy, as long as there is electricity, the smart vending machine can operate 24/7. If the business is poor, opening a physical store will cause huge losses, and the smart vending machine only needs to be replaced to a better location.

2. The smart vending machine has a large screen, which can put advertisements, except for the body, which can play a very good advertising effect. Compared with traditional physical retail stores, smart vending machines not only reduce the cost of media advertising, but also cooperate with other companies to allow them to play advertisements on smart vending machines and increase advertising revenue.