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What Are the Advantages of Vending Machines Over Unmanned Supermarkets?

In recent years, with the rise of the unmanned retail industry, coupled with the prevalence of the concept of no face-to-face contact affected by the Covid-19, the vending machine industry has ushered in an essential outlet for emerging industries. The automatic vending machines not only have the advantages of unmanned supermarkets like extensive data and convenience, but also have the profitable income that unmanned supermarkets are difficult to achieve. Here is a summary of the advantages of vending machines compared with unmanned supermarkets.

1. Low Cost

The vending machine occupies a small area, and the labor cost is low, which is also an unattended new retail concept. But unmanned supermarkets are different, they require more than a dozen shop assistants to maintain orders and make adjustments. Automatic vending machines do not require sales personnel, and consumers can purchase goods through self-service. The simple and convenient purchasing method fully meets the needs of consumers.

2. Guaranteed Sales

The automatic vending machine is like an unattended supermarket, picking up the goods before paying, which does not affect the consumer's purchasing experience, while it also protects the rights of the merchants. Because the vending machine has an automatic identification system, consumers only need to use cash, bank cards, or mobile phones to scan the code to pay and then take out the goods, which is very convenient for consumers. Of course, there are various small problems when running the machine, for example, wrong deductions. The merchant processing method allows consumers to rest assured, and after-sales service is guaranteed. When the wrong money is deducted, it will be processed promptly within 24 hours after the sale, which will neither affect the consumer's shopping experience nor cause losses to the enterprises. Of course, most automatic vending machines are paid first and then picked up. Now in order to optimize the consumer experience, the automatic vending machines have been optimized to pick up the goods before paying.

3. Fast Layout and Wide Range

Automatic vending machines have a small footprint, can be flexibly placed, moved in real-time, and quickly seize business opportunities, which is a huge advantage for companies that want to occupy the market soon. On the other hand, unattended supermarkets are not easy to implement, since the appropriate store location, store size, and investment cost are necessary considerations.

With the 5G era's advent, the unmanned retail industry will become increasingly intelligent, and the vending machine technology will also develop enormously.