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What Are the Benefits of Putting Fresh Vending Machines in the Community?

Ⅰ. What are the benefits of putting the fresh vending machine in the community?

1. Closer to consumers. The fresh vending machine not only occupies a small area, can be flexibly placed, but can also move anytime and anywhere to quickly occupy business opportunities. Fresh vending machines are placed in communities, which are generally densely populated and at the door of consumers. Fresh vending machines are placed in communities to be closer to consumers and provide consumers with convenience.

2. There are a wide range of operating groups. Compared with the current stage, the sales market development trend of the fresh vending machine, and the way of unmanned self-service vending has also given convenience to many customers.

The fresh vending machine is a large, medium, small and small entrepreneurial project, and it is also a form of choice with a relatively low threshold. The fresh vending machine does not require people to watch the store, and it operates continuously 24 hours a day, which provides consumers at different times with the opportunity to buy vegetables.

Moreover, in this era of mobile payment, the automatic vending machine supports a variety of payment methods, which cater to the consumption habits of young people. At the same time, it also gives young consumers more payment options, conforms to the trend of the times, and satisfies different consumers and their habits.

Ⅱ.  What are the benefits of the fresh vending machine for consumers?

1. Convenience. The fresh food vending machines are positioned in the community, located at the door of consumers, closer to consumers, fresh food e-commerce cannot do this.

2. Timeliness. When consumers use the fresh vending machine, they can see the appearance of the goods on the spot, and even touch the goods with their hands, and then pay after they get the goods. The shopping experience is much better than pure e-commerce online stores. For many consumers who don't have time to buy food, fresh vending machines are at their doorsteps, and they can be bought immediately, which can solve the problem of consumer demand.