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What Do You Need to Know About Joining the Vending Machine Industry?

In the new retail industry with great potential in the future, automatic vending machine is undoubtedly a low-risk investment. However, the current situation of blindly following the trend of automatic vending machine market is more serious. Many operators have bought a few or even more vending machines and placed them directly in places with large crowds, paying high rent but not achieving the desired benefits. Why? What preparations do you need to make about joining the vending machine industry?

1. Market research of automatic vending machine

Let's imagine, there is a huge flow of people in a famous scenic spot, and in that case, a beverage vending machine available in it is practicable. But what if there is a special milk tea shop not far from the location of the beverage vending machine? Whether it is necessary to place an automatic vending machine near the shop? So it is important to do a market research before placing any automatic vending machine.

The placement of automatic vending machine should give priority to cities with large population density due to the demand for vending machines in first- and second-tier cities is far from saturation. At the same time, there are more fast-paced people in first- and second-tier cities, which means their demand and circular consumption involving automatic vending machine is high. Although doing business of automatic vending machine in places like universities and famous attractions is highly profitable, most require competitive bidding, so such places are not yet available for individuals.

The selection of high-quality locations is also part of the market research, and only full market research can maximize the function of automatic vending machine.

2. Use of data supported by cloud platform to dig deep into users' demand for automatic vending machine

In a beverage vending machine, you put in juices that you think are good to drink, but the final sales show that carbonated drinks sell better, and that is called data matter. In a beverage vending machine located at the entrance of a gym, you put in regular cola, Sprite and other drinks that fat nerds like most. But just imagine a little bit, everybody, people who have just worked out or are going to enter the gym will drink these unhealthy drinks? What they need more may be functional drinks to provide energy, and that is called user behavior; the needs of different users are never the same, so we should not try to understand them subjectively. What we should do is to dig into users' needs more deeply. For example, the integrated intelligent management system based on the smart retail cloud platform can assist the seamless integration of online and offline scenes. With the visual analysis of big data, it can also understand customers' behaviors and group different users. Only in this way can we present more suitable products to users through automatic vending machines and enhance the purchase rate of them so as to effectively improve their experiences.

3. Cost control of automatic vending machine

What is the original purpose of our investment in automatic vending machine? Of course it is to make money! So the cost issue should be considered as the top priority. The running of automatic vending machine must be built on low cost and investment, so high rent will weaken the confidence of those who put in their money, and it is also not good for further scale layout. In that case, the investment of automatic vending machine can adapt a variety of cooperation methods. If a good vending machine supplier can be found to cooperate, and with the help of many years of industry management that AFEN has to avoid these problems caused by location selection, equipment occupation and machine operation, such as money losses, the running will be smoother and the return on investment will be relatively higher.

4. Type selection of automatic vending machine

In addition to basic running, the type selection of automatic vending machine is also important. Placing different types of vending machines at different locations can maximize the operating efficiency, just like a Rubik's cube type intelligent micromarket, which has multiple machine combinations, larger commodity capacity, and can meet the diverse needs of users at the same time. If you are a beginner who want to invest in automatic vending machine, you had better try it to greatly lower the difficulty of investment.