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What to Do if the Vending Machine Doesn't Give You the Change

I believe that many people have ever used automatic vending machines, and may often encountered the problem of not changing after the vending machines gave out the goods. According to our experience as a vending machine manufacturer, this is obviously one of the more frequent problems encountered by consumers.

We analyze the main reasons for this frequent occurrence in the following categories: 

1. There is no change in the change device;

2. Change stuck in the change device;

3. System program failure (and the machine's own reasons) of the automatic vending machine;  

4. There are foreign objects or dust accumulation in the change device.

For different reasons, our automatic vending machine manufacturers recommend the following correct solutions:

1. Put more change into the change device; 

2. Open the container, open the change device and take out the stuck currency;

3. Enter the system management, check the change record (some automatic vending machines need to manually enter the number of added change after making up the change, if the number is 0, please modify), confirm to save, and restart;

4. Remove the change device, carefully remove foreign objects and clean up, or return to the factory for cleaning if necessary.

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