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Where Is The Best Place To Put A Vending Machine?

Vending machines adopt the mode of unmanned operation. You can choose what you want and it opens 24 hours a day to meet people's needs at any time. Then the question is if we want to operate vending machines, where is the best place to put them? Let's take a look at the introduction below.

1. Selection of position

The first principle to select the position is convenience. It should be as close to consumers as possible. In short, it is necessary to place vending machines within the range of consumers' daily life, such as schools, factories, offices or schools, especially those with relatively closed environments and the surrounding areas lack retail services.

2. Number of people

The places with a large number of potential customers, relatively closed environments, and small competition should be optimal. For example, schools (teaching halls, downstairs in the dormitories, beside the playground), subways, high-speed railway stations, railway stations (waiting rooms, ticket lobbies, etc.), factories. There are many people in such places, and they are far away from shops or even no shops.

3. Quality of people

Considering the quality of people. Some places are not necessarily suitable for automatic cold and hot beverage vending machines. For example, in the neighborhood, people are mostly thrifty in supporting their family so they are more sensitive to prices of the commodity. They are willing to walk one more street in order to save 0.5 yuan on buying a bottle of soy sauce. In this condition, vending machines lose the advantage of selling goods. The advantage of vending machines is self-service selling 24 hours a day and all year round, with the purpose of convenience rather than cheapness.