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Where to Place Automatic Vending Machines?

Automatic vending machines are widely used in our lives, and they are machines that can sell goods automatically by letting users to scan QR codes. Vending machines are also commonly used in the field of commercial automation, which is not limited by time and place and can save manpower and facilitate transactions.

Whether in the field of manufacturing, service or retail, automatic vending machines are the future trend of development for they are very promising. According to the current market, the comprehensive profit of vending machines is generally around 40%, and the specific number need consider various factors, so we should investigate more about the market.

At present, according to the classification, common vending machines are divided into four types: beverage vending machines, fresh food vending machines, daily necessities vending machines, and customized smart vending machines. Based on different classifications, their profits are also different. So where are the best places to place vending machines?

1. Vending machines in factories

Factories generally have more people engaged in manual labor, but there are few or even no shops inside. The location of the factory is generally remote, and the surrounding area is not a commercial area with a few shops. In short, there are many people there, so there is a huge market with little competition. In a factory of 500 people, it is easy to sell more than 100 bottles of drinks a day in summer. Mineral water, cola, Sprite, and various tea drinks are all popular. But we need to notice that a little expensive drinks should not be included because the sales of them are too low and they occupy a cargo lane, which is not cost-effective.

2. Vending machines in colleges and universities

The group of college students are special. They are always considered as lazy people. As long as they have the chance to lie in the bed, they will never choose to sit; if they can sit, they will never bother to stand, not to mention taking one more step. That is the reason why takeaways services are so popular in campus. Therefore, snacks and beverage vending machines can be operated on the playground, and outside teaching buildings and dormitories. College students also like to use more convenient payment methods such as WeChat and Alipay, which are also easy for operators to manage their business.

3. Vending machines in hospitals

Hospitals are special place where few shops can be seen around. A vending machine placed in the lobby to sell snacks and drinks will bring the operator a big fortune.