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Whether Investing in Vending Machines Makes Money

Is it profitable to invest in vending machine? With the life pace faster, people are willing to spend less time on one thing and impatient to line up to buy goods in the store. In the condition, the automatic vending machine with convinient and fast shopping function become more and more popular.

1.The vending machine is fast in buying and convinient in paying

At present, the automatic vending machine in circulation on the market have been upgraded to smart machines. This smart machine can not only support the use of traditional coins and banknotes for payment. At the same time, it can also support new payment methods such as face payment and mobile payment. Especially for face-swiping payment, users who consume for the first time need to point their face at the scanner. After confirmation by the machine, they can directly swipe their face for later consumption. convenient consumption is achieved.

2. The vending machine is small in business cost and long in service life

Because the cost of an automatic vending machine is several thousand yuan, even if it is combined into a small convenience store, the cost is far lower than that of a traditional convenience store (the cost of a traditional convenience store must be at least 100,000 or more.). For vending machines, its biggest cost is the monthly point rent. If it is placed in a more popular shopping mall with denser traffic, the rent will be higher, and the occupied area is about the size of a parking space. More importantly, it eliminates the labor cost with a retail model that is completely unmanned. In addition, in the absence of special man-made damage or strong external impact, the service life of a brand-new unmanned vending machine is five to ten years, so there is no need to worry about whether it pays back before the unmanned vending machine's service life. Therefore, the answer to the question whether investing unmanned vending machines makes money is already obvious, and of course you can make money.