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Why is the Automatic Vending Machine Not Shipping?

The customer pays but the automatic vending machine does not ship. AWhen the situation occurs, sometimes, it is because of the quality of the device, sometimes it is because of a problem of restocking, and sometimes it is because of a problem of the mobile phone signal. Now, let's analyze it in detail.

1. The product size does not match the spring specification

The stuck rate of the spring cargo lane is relatively high, among which the common reason is that the product size does not match the spring specifications. For example, the more commonly used 67*80mm springs sell about 500ml bottled beverages and 330ml-500ml canned beverages, which rarely get stuck, but if you sell quadruple-packed sausages, the stuck rate is very high.  67*75mm spring used in the automatic vending machines coordinated slides sell all kinds of cans, and there are very few jams, but it is easy to jam without the slides.

2. The operator's loading is not standardized, or the product does not match the cargo aisle

The snake-shaped cargo aisle, known for its high reliability, cannot escape the jam, which is generally caused by irregular restocking or mismatch between the goods and the cargo aisle. For example, a cargo lane is suitable for 500ml bottled beverages with a diameter of 58-68mm, and some bottled beverages with a diameter of 70mm are easily stuck. The width of the cargo lane is adjustable within the range of 235-275mm. A bottle of 240mm length bottled beverage is stuffed into the lane without adjusting the cargo lane's width. As a result, the lane width is much larger than the bottle length, and the jam rate will increase.

3. Setting error

Some non-shipment situations are not caused by cargo jams in the cargo lane but are caused by other reasons. For example, if the stock clerk carelessly sets the inventory quantity to be greater than the actual quantity of goods, if there is no shipment detection mechanism (a considerable number of machines on the market are not equipped with light-sensing or gravity detection mechanisms), it will present the case of short selling. That is to say, the goods are actually sold out, but the automatic vending machine will still think that there are goods in it, and the vending machine will eventually sell the goods according to the inventory value set by the shopkeeper.

4. The network signal is interrupted

There is another situation that the data transmission is interrupted by the interruption of the network signal, which eventually leads to the failure of the shipment. We all know that all automatic vending machines now use mobile phone 4G network to transmit signals (5G will be used in the future). In some places, the mobile phone signal is unstable or weak, and occasionally the signal is interrupted, which is the same reason that we usually drop the call when we call. 

Once we know the reason why the automatic vending machine is not shipping, we can adopt right measures. The goods must match the cargo lanes, the inventory numbers of devices without light perception must be set, and the excellent 4G signal card should be used, which can significantly reduce the probability of not shipping. If the machine is broken, you can contact the after-sales service for repair.