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AF-CL402 Milk Tea Coffee Juice Hot&Cold Instant Beverage Dispenser Cafe Vending Machine


Coffee vending business

New channels for coffee drinks, instant beverage self-service equipment.

Compared with traditional drink shop, this is a much lower cost and more flexible business, which is suitable for operating in office buildings, schools, hospitals, etc. In addition, it occupies a small area and can be placed flexibly, and a few manpower can manage multiple machines.Finally,there may be rental income from multimedia large-screen advertising spot.

Featured Design

1.4hot&4cold instant drinks,coffee,chocolate,milk,bubble tea,juice,water,etc,various flavors of instant drinks can be made.

2.4 large food boxes for different instant powder.

3.Automatic cup dispensing,support continuous production of beverages for a long time.

4.Smart stirring in the cup,support one-click cleaning function.

Cost-effective Vending Solutions

Software solutions:

AFEN Intelligent SAAS service system

Telemetry icloud service system,remote management,easy software management and intelligent remote operation,it's free to use forever after purchasing the machine.

Its main functions include,

1.Real-time Monitoring

2.Video Surveillance

3.Operation Configurations

4.Fault Alarming

5.Statistics Analysis

6.Income Assessment

7.Promotion Settings

8.Advertising Settings

9.Mobile APP

Payment solutions:

In addition to the basic cash,coin,card acceptor configurations,the mobile phone payment that international standards version,and other cashless payment,specifically,the QR code,face-scan and other payment functions can be customized and developed by docking with third-party.

AFEN service:

1.Our complete service, pre-sales, payment&shipping, after-sales.

2.Pre-sales, just the guidance, specifically, model choice, model configurations, software&function customization, payment customization.

3.Payment&shipping, we negotiate a plan.

4.After-sales, including the new machine operation guidance(hardware and management software), remote trouble shooting and repair guidance,machine upgrade&technical support, spare part supporting, independent maintenance and repair training.

5.Our resources of service, the team(account manager, hardware&software engineer), the cooperate(video&pdf course, online guidance, on-the-spot guidance).